Products Currently in the market:

Fresh Fruits & Vegetables

Chicken,  Angus Beef and Pork : Fully traceable,

Small Herd, No Added Hormones, Never Fed Antibiotics.

Organic and Gluten Free Prepared Meals (Vegan & Vegetarian Options Available)

Gluten Free Muffins and Cookies

Free-Range Mennonite Eggs

Fair Trade Coffee 



Organic & Gluten Free Prepared Meals:

NEW   Vegan Lasagna

NEW   Organic Chicken & Beef Pot Pies

NEW   Butternut Squash Soup



Comming Soon

Fresh Produce from local Ontario Farms.

Stay Tuned!




VG Meats

VG Meats is a local, family-owned company that have proudly been serving Ontario families high quality meat since the 1970s. Run by 4 brothers, all of their products are born, raised, fed, processed and packaged in Ontario.

VanHart Organics

VanHart Greenhouses is a family owned organic farm operated by husband and wife team Ron and Loretta VanHart. The VanHart family legacy of greenhouse growing began in the early 1900's on a small farm in Holland.

Sosnicki Organics

Located in Norfolk County, Sosnicki Organics is a Certified Organic Family Farm and Food Processor committed to sustainable agriculture. Their philosophy is that farming practices should leave the soil, air, water, plant life, animals and people healthier – and happier.

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